We are a

  • Public Speaking Club where you learn & hone communication and leadership skills to stand out from the crowd
  • Cohesive Community where like-minded people nurture each other in building confidence & achieving personal goals
  • Social Club where friendly folks hang out, tell stories and have fun while acquiring knowledge

Our Meetings

meetingOur meetings are led by a Toastmaster of the day (emcee). Members take on roles in the Agenda to practise prepared and impromptu speeches. Each speech and role is given an Evaluation for the purpose of appreciating, suggesting improvements and motivating further growth. A Grammarian checks for grammatical accuracy & effective use of words and phrases while a Timer helps keep the meeting running on time.

Humour is a key ingredient to our learning and we vary our Agenda routinely to keep up the interest and fun elements. Our special meetings have included Guest Speakers interning at NASA and from the Electoral Commission; Debates; Tall Tales and Impromptu Speech marathons.

parkSometimes we even hold our meetings outdoors for a change in scenery.

Our Socials

DSC_0357What are meetings without parties? Southern River Toastmasters hold themed meetings over special occasions like Christmas, Melbourne Cup Day and Demonstration Meetings. These are publicised over our Club Website and Members & Guests can enjoy the evening whether it be with dress-ups, ambience or food. There is always a Toastmaster program underlying these functions and we have fun while learning.

Our Success

Our success is achieved through the core values of

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Integrity
  • Service to the Members
  • Dedication to Excellence