August 5, 2017 – Julie Dall

Why getting to a meeting early is important.

As a member it is important to be involved in the club.  This means that your name should appear on the Agenda regularly in one of the many roles.

Prior to the meeting starting the Toastmaster needs to ensure that they have everyone’s name correct on the agenda as well as speech topics.

If you are listed on the agenda but not there prior to the meeting, the Toastmaster can’t be sure that you will actually be there.  As we all know, things can come up at the last minute and sometimes you can’t get to the meeting.

So the Toastmaster will start to think that you won’t be turning up and will try and find someone to backfill your role.

If you rush in the door exactly on time, or a few minutes late, the poor Toastmaster will now be in an awkward position.  They have probably farmed out your role.  And then there will be confusion and disruption.  Turning up before the meeting starts will help minimise this chaos.

So how early do you need to get to meetings?

Toastmasters recommend that you get there 15 minutes beforehand.

This is a good period of time – you have time to say “hi” to everyone.  You have time for that last minute dash to the loo.  You have time to talk to the Toastmaster and hand your manual to the person who will be evaluating your performance in the role.  You have time to chat to your mentor / mentee. You have time to help arrange the room.  And you have time to get your favourite seat.

Even if you don’t have a role on the agenda it’s a great idea to get to the meeting 15 minutes early – the list previously still applies 🙂